#2506 mandolin

This early Gibson company “A Style” mandolin was found at a garage sale a few years ago. It is believed that Gibson began their serial numbers with 2501, which makes this the 6th instrument to come off the factory line. Curiously, the company paid Orville $2500 for the use of his patent. Maybe they considered each instrument an extension of that investment.

Mandolin #2506
Mandolin #2506

With mandolin #2506, the sound hole that Orville carved from the upper body leading into the neck cavity is conspicuously missing. Note the positioning brads on the rim and the pencil marks below.


Photos are the property of, and appear courtesy of, Bart Weststrate.


2 thoughts on “#2506 mandolin

  1. Hi Joyce, I finally got my 1902 Gibson Mando put together by Ry Charters. Here is a link:

    I also have a completed pic of it by itself available for you if you want to add it to the 2506 posting drop me an email. Bart


    1. I would love a photo of it..or two. This particular site doesn’t allow video (right now I have the cheap package), or I’d definitely post it here. I did post it to my facebook page just now. Thanks. It looks great.


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