Wheelwright mandolin

01 L Wheelwright front of mandolin                     LWheelwright tail pc crop                   INS LWW 01 L Wheelwright front of peghead

This A style Orville mandolin is estimated to be an 1894 model. It could have possibly been owned by Eugene C. Southard, a young doctor whose family lived next door to Orville around 1876. Eugene and Orville also belonged to the same charitable community group around 1880.

According to nineteenth century rules of monogramming, Mr. Southard’s initials would have been shown as “eSc.” It’s possible that the initials were squeezed together to fit onto the tailpiece.

Note the metal plate on the front of the headstock.

More research will have to be done to verify if Mr. Southard was the original owner.

All three photos are the property of Lynn Wheelwright.


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