Orville’s Artist Sister

Photo courtesy of Evelyn Amsler.
Photo courtesy of Evelyn Amsler.

In Julius Bellson’s 1973 book “The Story of Gibson,” he states that Orville talked about one of his sister’s who was an artist. That sister turns out to have been Mary C. Fuller.

Orville’s mother had been married previously and had three children by her first husband, Asa Fuller. Mary, born in 1836, was the oldest of the Fuller children

This painting is an  11″ x 23″ oil on board entitled “Robins in Spring” and is one of five known paintings.

Mary made at least one trip to Kalamazoo with several Gibson family members to visit Orville. She passed away in 1911 at the age of 75 and is buried in the Gibson family plot.


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